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Designed for glamping site owners

Bedful is designed from the ground up for glamping site owners, by glamping owners. We've taken in suggestions from hundreds of glamping sites to build you a system tailored to your needs. While most other booking systems have been designed primarily as hotel booking systems, our system was built first for glamping sites, pooling the experiences and feedback from dozens of glamping owners throughout the UK and across Europe.

Simple Pricing

We offer simple pricing structures tailored to glamping sites, but allow you the flexibility to offer complex pricing incentives to customers if you wish. For example:

  • Pricing a glamping unit with nightly, weekly and short break rates
  • All rate types can be combined simultaneously
  • Offering flexible pricing per unit or per person, or a combination
  • Offering flexible minimum stays on different days of the week
  • Offering different pricing depending on the age of children

Selling extras

Upselling extras is a big part of the glamping offering (eg hampers, massages, other experiences), so we built a visual solution that not only allows guests to select extras at the point of booking, but also presents them with images to help the sale.

Daily Diary & Availability Grid

We also built a Daily Dairy that can be viewed on-site on an iPad or mobile device, detailing everyone that is arriving/leaving on any given day, highlighting accommodation that is needed same-day for a priority clean/turnaround. The Daily dairy also has a summary of all the extras required for the day, as well as who they are going to, allowing you to see at a glance which extras need to be prepared for the day. Our availability grid allows you to see your site occupancy at a glance, shift bookings around and easily add or block off units.

What our customers say

Amber, Amber's Bell Tent Camping

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the crew for getting our new booking system live. Took the first booking 2 hours after it launched... Just the thought of putting away my  hand written diaries fills me with cheer :)

Joe, Wardley Hill Campsite

I'm very pleased with the booking system. I love the integration with Stripe, it makes managing the finances so much easier than doing my own invoicing. The payment system also encourages campers to come camping in the rain as they have already paid! I'm very pleased with the attitude of the staff who always seem ready to help and are very friendly.