Creating Seasons

Seasons control the availability of units,  and the rates applied at different times of the year. Use different seasons to move between rates during the year.

The first season to create is one that starts with the bookable day,  and ends on the day you close - for businesses that are available all year use the 1st of January,  and the 31st of December.

Click Add Season and add these dates.

Each additional season starts with the first day a rate changes, and ends on the last day of the year that rate applies.  Two seasons can run concurrently, and Bedful will use the shortest one to apply rates.

As an example of this Bank Holidays occur during peak time,  and so both seasons run concurrently without stopping and starting the peak time rates - Bedful will automatically understand the rates for Bank Holidays take priority because it is the shorter season.

Using overlapping seasons doesn't need to include regular changes during the week - for example weekends and weekdays do not need new seasons for each one, this is managed in the rates section next.

Save the changes in Bedful and move to the next step.

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