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Share content covers a few useful tools all in one place. Take time to look at each section and get to grips with what they can do.


Widgets are pieces of code providing availability bookings from Bedful on other websites. Customise the widget, and the information available, then preview it before adding it to a website. Test different settings and their effects until happy with the  widget and the information it includes.

Once the preview is correct the code needs to be added to a website - copy and paste this as appropriate.  Many partners have a web developer


iCal was created by Apple to sync appointments on personal calendars, and is now used by websites for syncing bookings. Click iCal on the left and to see the feeds for each unit. Provide these to other booking websites to help keep availability accurate on multiple services.

There are important notes on the page itself to review before setting this up.


Using iCal feeds from other websites is under Intergrations. Each website will have a set of iCal feeds, one for each unit. We cannot administrate iCal feeds from other websites and are only able to read them and add the data to Bedful.

Whilst we can support with adding iCal feeds and integrations, these are managed by partners - we do not have control of the data provided by other websites, they add the information to the feed, we copy this into Bedful. This means that errors and issues need to be identified by partners and discussed with the originating website to resolve. The information in an iCal feed will only cover bookings made, and does not pass data for managing rates or seasons between websites.

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