Adding Rates

Rates are used to control prices on units along with details like minimum numbers of nights for a booking.  A new rate is needed for each different price.

  • A 'per night' rate works exactly as expected and the number of guests included in this rate is set for each unit - use this for stays with a minimum amount of time
  • A 'per stay' rate is a set amount for a set number of nights.  This is useful for sites that manage their bookings with specific days of the week for check-ins and check-outs
  • A 'per person' rate is applied in addition to any per night rates in the same season.  For example a unit with 2 people included will need a 'per night' rate for the unit, and a per person rate for any additional capacity

Adding a Per Night Rate:

With these notes in mind, begin with adding a rate for one unit during the main season.  After completing the first step,  click Save Changes,  then connect the rate to the appropriate unit and season.  For a weekday rate make this rate available only on weekdays.

To add weekend prices for the season,  add a new rate and set the available days to the weekend.  Allow guests to arrive on any day by leaving the check-in days set to Any.  Only change the check-in days if absolutely needed,  and use the 'available days' instead whenever possible.

Adding a Per Stay Rate:

Change the dropdown to 'Per Stay'.  Set the price for the entire stay and set the number of nights included for that price.  Set the minimum number of nights a guest should stay.  In most businesses these will be identical - making the minimum shorter than the total included can lead to complaints and adjustments to bookings later on.
Choose the days the rate can start on,  and combine this with the minimum number of nights if your check-out days need to be on specific days of the week.

There is also an option to add an additional one-off charge for the duration of a stay,  in most circumstances this won't apply.

Adding a Per Person (per night) Rate:

This rate is for additional guests beyond those included in a 'per night' rate, on units which have the capacity for more guests.  Some campsites have no per night rate and only use this rate - per person,  per night.

Use age restrictions to set rates for children and adults differently - one rate for each with a minimum age set for an adult will affect the rate applied to children.  So a rate with a minimum age of 18 means everyone below 18 will be charged the other 'per person' rate,  or nothing if there isn't one.  Again, a rate with a minimum age of 5 means all guests below five are not charged and anyone above five is charged.  Finally one rate with a minimum age of 5 and another with a minimum age of 18 means that under 5's are free,  5 to 18 is charged at one rate,  and over 18's are charged at the last rate.

Save the changes in Bedful and move to the next step.

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