Unit Groups

Grouped units can be managed together all at the same time.  Bulk updates can be used to save time.  To group units together start by clicking 'Add Group'.

Name the group something simple based on their common value - all being pods, double rooms, vehicles or camping pitches in the same part of the site.  Give the group a colour to identify them at a glance. Set the group's units as Unique, Similar or Same.

  • If the capacities of all the units and most of their other details are similar, use Similar.
  • If all the units are identical, use Same.
  • If each unit has different capacities use a different group for each capacity.

Single units don't need a group - these tools are optional.

Choosing to optimise availability allows Bedful to move bookings between same units to help increase occupation rates. Dashboard settings can be kept as they were booked by excluding them from optimisation.

Save the changes in Bedful and move to the next step.

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