Integrating Bedful and Airbnb Availability

This Integration will provide data to Bedful from Airbnb,  and from Airbnb to Bedful.  The only data that is transferred from Airbnb is the Unit and dates of the booking - Airbnb do not allow access to guest details for other systems or services.

Export bookings to Airbnb

To sync your existing Bedful bookings to your Airbnb calendar:

  1. Click Setup, Share, iCal Feeds
  2. Set the Data dropdown menu to Basic
  3. Set the Channels dropdown to All
  4. Log into your Airbnb account
  5. Click Manage Listings in Airbnb,  and then Manage Listing and Calendar next to the first unit you are integrating
  6. Click Availability Settings, which is in the top right of your Airbnb calendar view
  7. Click Sync Calendars,  and then select Import Calendar
  8. Copy and paste the unit's link from Bedful into airbnb
  9. Name the calendar so you know it's a feed from Bedful and click Import Calendar

Complete steps 5 to 9 again for each unit to integrate.  This will allow Airbnb to see when you have bookings in Bedful to help prevent double-bookings.

Importing bookings from Airbnb

To sync Airbnb bookings to your Bedful calendar:

  1. Open your Airbnb account, click 'Manage Listings', then 'Manage Listing and Calendar' for the listing/unit you want to sync. Click 'Availability Settings' in the top-right corner of your calendar view. Under 'Sync Calendars', select 'Export Calendar'. Highlight and copy the Airbnb iCal link for that unit.
  2. To create the AirBnB integration on Bedful:
  • Go to Setup > Share > API
  • Click the 'ADD INTEGRATION' button
  • Select 'AirBnB iCal' from the 'Integration Type' dropdown menu, give the integration a name (e.g. Filly Field Glamping Airbnb Integration) and save
  • Once created, edit then select the grey Units tab, before uploading your unit ical feeds, or ticking the units you want to integrate and inserting the correct AirBnB iCal url in the 'Calendar URL' field then Save changes

Important Information about Airbnb iCal Integrations

We cannot sync unavailable blocks from Airbnb,  so please block off dates as required on Airbnb - only real bookings will come through.  If you use the full site hire option on airbnb,  you should set up a separate site-hire unit on bedful and sync the ical separately to just that unit from AirBnB.

AirBnB may not provide customer information like name in their feeds,  so only dates will be blocked off.

Please note, that while we update our iCal feeds every 15mins,  AirBnB may take 4 hours to update from their end. Due to this sizeable window,  we suggest that you turn off Instant Book on AirBnB in order to mitigate against the risk of double bookings.  See here for instructions on how to turn off Instant Book.  Please note,  if you are integrating and with AirBnB using Bedful on your own website you should not block out dates manually on your AirBnB calendar.  Instead, allow the iCal feed to integrate to ensure you don't get booking clashes or cause any other problems with integration.