Cancelling a booking

While you should try to avoid it, sometimes it becomes necessary to cancel a booking. A booking can only be cancelled by the owner. It is not possible for the customer to cancel a booking. You can find the Cancel Booking button on the Booking Confirmed page by going to the bookings tab, then selecting the booking you wish to cancel.

Bedful is a self-managed booking system meaning owners are responsible for all aspects of their booking system. Any bookings made here must be honoured, even if bookings occur due to owner mismanagement. Ultimately, making sure you are fully confident with all aspects of the booking system will ensure that erroneous bookings do not occur. See our Partner Terms for more information.

Editing bookings

If you need to amend a booking, you must never cancel it. Instead follow the steps in our Managing Availability guide to edit any bookings. Whenever you cancel a booking, the customer receives an automated notification that their booking has been cancelled. Furthermore, if you cancel a booking and have already setup your system to take automatic payments, the balance will not be taken. So please avoid this unless the customer has genuinely requested that the booking be cancelled.

Read more about taking payments in our Payments Guide.

If the customer decides they wish to be refunded, you can reimburse them in full via the payment tab on their booking.

Read more about refunds in our Refunds Guide.