Connecting Bedful with Anytime Booking

We are currently working on an API integration with Anytime. At the moment you can sync bookings using an ical integration.

Importing bookings from Anytime

To automatically sync your bookings on Anytime Booking to the Bedful booking system, you will need to grab an iCal code for each unit from your Anytime dashboard. To do this, log into your Anytime dashboard, go to Setup > Unit > iCal Calendars to highlight and copy the code.

To create the Anytime integration on Bedful:

  • Go to Setup > Share > API
  • Click the 'ADD INTEGRATION' button
  • Select 'Anytime iCal' from the Integration Type dropdown menu, give the integration a name (e.g. Filly Field Glamping Anytime Integration) and save
  • Once created, edit then select the grey Units tab, before ticking the units you want to integrate and inserting the correct Anytime iCal url in the 'Calendar URL' field then Save changes.

If you have any problems integrating with Anytime Booking, please email them at for assistance.

Exporting bookings to Anytime

To automatically block out your existing Bedful bookings on your Anytime Booking calendar, you will need to find the iCal URL for each unit from your Bedful dashboard (Setup > Share > iCal). Visit this page, choose the unit and copy the URL into the same unit on your Anytime dashboard. To add the Bedful iCal feed to your units on Anytime, login to Anytime, go to Setup > Configuration > Units, then click on the respective unit, select the iCal calendars tab, then enter the iCal url into the Cool Camping field.