Site Settings

Your business is the site - Campervan pickup points,  campsites,  hotels - anywhere that provides bookable accommodation.

Within sites there are a few different screens to customise the site:

Basic Elements

  • Images - both sites and units are allocated images, displayed on the public pages to guests
  • Users - logins for guests, partners, all with different permissions
  • Limits - sites can have limits applied which affect how many people can book and when
  • Terms & Policies - your site will have data policies applied and terms and conditions
  • Discounts - special offers or money off
  • Messages - customised messages which go out to guests at times defined by you

We are constantly evolving Bedful, adding useful new features and optimising current ones. As such, we aim to keep the information within this manual as up-to-date as possible so it serves as your go-to resource for all things Bedful-related. If there are any aspects of the booking system which you feel are not covered within the manual but should be, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer any queries.

Site Info

The Setup > Site > Info screen lets you complete the basic information for your Site or Property on Bedful. You can set the name, public contact details, website and private contact details in case we need to contact you.

For more information on the other settings available on the Site Details screen, see our Site Info page.

Site Location

You can set the location of your site on a map on this screen, and to choose the geographic information like County, Country etc. Please enter your full postal address in the address field. This information is used to generate a URL for your site, and presented to guests on the site page as a set of clickable links. It is also used to put your site in geographic guides.

Site Text

This is your chance to sell your location to guests - let them know who the site is suited for, what you love most about the area and your favourite places to eat and drink nearby.

Site Terms

This screen lets you set the booking policy (shown to guests before booking), and your full Terms & Conditions, so that guests are aware of all of our policies before they book.

Site Limits

This screen lets you limit the number of people staying per booking, and the cutoff times for booking before arrival at your site.  Please note this setting can severely restrict your availability and should only be used in rare instances.

Read more about setting site limits in our Site Limits Guide.

Site Data Policies

This screen lets you decide which data you collect from guests on the booking flow, and how long you keep that personal data for. In order to comply with GDPR and other regulations it's useful to be able to anonymise data after a certain time period, and Bedful gives you the tools to do this.

For more on data policies see our Data Policies guide.

Site Branding

This screen lets you adjust the branding of your site, particularly on your web channel where you control the data displayed. You can also upload a brand logo to be displayed in the header on automated emails, and in your booking flow.

For more about Site Branding see our Site Branding guide.

Site Images

Images are the most important thing in selling your site, so make sure you have the best possible images of your site. If you can try to hire a professional photographer for a day in summer to take some photographs. Beautiful photography can make all the difference in selling your site, and sometimes the first and only thing guests will see is a thumbnail of your first image, so be sure it captures what is great about your location.

Before uploading images please read our Image Guidelines.

Site Tags

Tags are used to classify your site and used by guests to find sites which suit them, so tick all the tags which apply to you.


On the payment setting page you can choose how much deposit to take up front from guests when they book, whether to collect balance payments via bedful and whether to let them pay 100% up front or not. We use the payment partner Stripe to process payments on your behalf, so before you finish setup you'll need to set up a stripe account, but you can do so in just a few clicks.

Read more about taking payments in our Payments Guide

Users Plus

Here you can control who gets access to your site details, including levels of access like Manager or Read-Only.

Read more about adding user roles in our Additional Users Guide.