You can add two different kind of images to Bedful:

  • Site Images  - this is your main gallery on the site page - these are most important for campsites
  • Unit Images - each unit also has a gallery of images, specific to that unit - these are most important for campervans

First impressions count

The lead image in your main gallery is the first image users will see on your listing page. It is also displayed as a thumbnail in the search results list on that website. It is very important that this lead image is strong, high resolution and works well when viewing on different devices. Please carefully read the image guidelines below to ensure that you have selected the best possible images for inclusion. 

If you run a hotel, campsite or other accommodation your site images are the first thing guests see, so make sure your first site image is a stunner.

If you run a campervan hire location your unit images for the vans will be even more important, as they are presented to customers first when they view your vans on the guide pages, and also in the booking flow. 

Your unit images are displayed to the customer on the booking flow.

  • To upload new images, press the grey 'Choose Files' button to select images from your desktop/images folder. You can select multiple images for upload at the same time. 
  • To reorder existing images, simply drag them to where you want them in the gallery.

Image guidelines

Images are arguably the most important aspect of your listings. Using poor, low-quality, low-res images is ultimately detrimental to selling your site. We will ensure the strongest images make the gallery, taking into consideration framing and how images appear on different devices (e.g. desktop, smartphone, etc).

Please bear in mind the following when considering images for inclusion:

  • Try to showcase the entire site or unit with your first image
  • Don't use cutouts or images with white backgrounds
  • Images must be hi-res (minimum 1000 pixels wide). There has to be clarity on the largest of screens. Low-res shots will appear pixelated. A photo on a modern smartphone will be more than adequate in quality if taken in sunny conditions.
  • Images should not be too large - if they are 3000px wide, they should be around 1MB on disk, if they are very large, you should resize them before upload to avoid hitting bandwidth limits.
  • Landscape format shots as opposed to portrait work better. Please ensure images have the standard aspect ratio (usually 3:2 or 4:3 on most digital cameras). Please note panoramic shots or wider-than-average shots do not work and will appear distorted - please do not use!
  • Consider the framing of the shot on your listing – does it fit well within the main image box? Your lead image will also need to fit the thumbnail image for when your listing appears in search results.
  • The lead image should feature the actual accommodation or establish the surroundings. (particularly if the unit is a standard grass pitch).
  • Keep shots of facilities to a minimum. There isn’t a great need to show off lots of images of your toilets (lovely as they may be!).
  • Exterior shots are preferred to interior shots for any camping or glamping units.
  • Please keep close-up shots to a minimum. Prospective customers want to get a sense of what it is like to stay at your property, and a zoomed-in, arty shot of some bunting or a piece of furniture won’t quite do that.
  • Please do not upload ‘treated’ images where any effects have been used (including collages), and please make sure images are in colour, not black & white, sepia, etc.
  • Please do not include any images with overlaying captions or text.
  • Please do not use stock images which are not shots of the actual units in place. If you do not yet have sufficient images of your accommodation, it is best to omit that unit until you do. Using stock image gives prospective customers an inaccurate impression of your offering and will ultimately be detrimental to your business.
  • Daytime shots work better than night time shots for camping or glamping units.
  • If your accommodation is camping or glamping, keep it sunny! There's nothing wrong with a nice autumnal shot, but you will want your lead image to show off your accommodation in all its summer glory!

Image copyright

When you upload images to Bedful, you must confirm that you own the rights to use these images and are happy for Bedful to use them on web channels, marketing materials or other publicity channels as part of our service. This may include Bedful reproducing, editing and distribute these images under our other brand names, and may also include their publication via other media outlets such as newspapers, broadcasters and paid advertisements. If the images include people you should ensure you have model release forms for the people concerned granting permission to use their image in this way. Please do not upload images if you are unsure of your rights to use them (for example if a photographer took the images but did not grant you full rights to use them as you see fit).