Edit Bookings

To find a booking search using the bookings list,  and click the booking reference number or guest's name to see the booking details page.  On this screen you can see:

  • The party size,  their booking dates and contact details
  • Details of the unit,  and the rates applied to the booking
  • A breakdown of the booking's revenue
  • If the Coronavirus Booking Guarantee is applicable
  • Bookings made with the Refundable Booking Upgrade
There are controls for:
  • Edit or cancel the booking
  • Add a payment
  • View your bookings list or view the business' availability around the booking dates
Click 'Edit',  or the Details tab to the left to make changes to the booking - contact details,  dates or to add other information.

  • To change the unit for a booking or the party's size,  use the units tab
  • Add extras or remove extras on the Extras tab
  • Check a booking's discounts and messages in the Discount and Messages tabs
  • For more information on the Payments tab,  click here
  • The admin tab contains all the controls for cancelling a booking,  issuing a rebooking link,  and adding internal notes