A fully hosted booking website PLUS

We offer a fully hosted booking page for your campsite or location, which can be at the domain name of your choice, and will contain all the information chosen by you to help customer book with you. The page is fully featured and includes the following features:

  • A modern, mobile-friendly page and booking flow which is always improving
  • A gallery of images for both sites and units
  • Introductory text controlled by you for your site, and for each unit
  • 0% commission on all your bookings through this page
  • Full integration with Bedful, so your bookings will show up there
  • The possibility to host your own reviews from happy customers (coming soon)
Our fully hosted booking website solution is available to Bedful Plus subscribers for an additional cost of just £10 + VAT per month, billed annually in advance.

Creating Booking Page

To set up hosted bookings, set up your site and units as normal on Bedful, register the domain of your choice, and then follow the instructions below. If you get stuck at all please contact us for more advice.

  • Register a domain
  • At your registrar, create the main A record pointing at our IP -
  • You can also use a subdomain like if you prefer
  • Optionally create another A record for www pointing to the same IP - this will be redirected to the bare domain
  • Ask support to turn on your domain
  • Admins will add bare domain in your admin setup page on bedful (without the www or http)
  • Activating a domain may take up to 12 hours
At this point you'll have a fully hosted booking page, and all you need to add to social media or emails is your web address, and we'll take care of all of the rest, including hosting, https certificates, and making sure your bookings are always available.