Bookings List

The Bookings tab provides a list of the most recent bookings made,  also showing the dates of arrivals and where bookings were made.  There's information on prices, channel commission and outstanding balances.

Booking reference numbers,  email addresses,  names and car registration numbers can all be used the search.  When more than 100 results are needed click the filter button on the far right and change the Limit.  There are also options for filtering the results by Status.  Please note that only Confirmed bookings are shown by default,  and all other bookings can be viewed using the filters.

Change the All Dates setting to look at bookings arriving between specific dates or made during certain dates.  It is also possible to download spreadsheets with booking data,  or booked extras specifically.  For sites new to using Bedful it is possible to import bookings from another service if all the data has been added to a spreadsheet.

To see more details about a booking,  click the guest's. name.