Setting up your business

This manual will help you understand the fundamentals of Bedful and all it's resources. Bedful is carefully designed to be intuitive, and these additional help pages will guide your set up in no time at all. Below is a list of all the most important data used by Bedful - you can see links to all the data resources below in the Property Management section of the navigation.

A first time setup guide is available here.

Basic Elements

A site is the most important part of Bedful, you may have one site or several, and each represents a location where accomodation can be provided. The most important parts of your site for setup are:

  • Sites - a location which offers units to book - this may be a campsite, a hotel or a campervan hire location
  • Units - bookable parts of sites like pitches, rooms or vans
  • Groups - groups of similar units
  • Seasons - dates that define when specific rates and units are available
  • Rates - define the pricing for your units
  • Extras - items which guests buy at booking time like firewood, a hamper or event tickets
  • Bookings - contain all the guest's contact details, booked dates, units booked, ┬áprices agreed and tools to manage the booking

Units, Rates and Seasons together define your pricing policy.

You can clone and reclone one unit onto others in its group to easily update settings across all your units.

Site Settings

Within sites there are a few different screens which allow you to customise the site:

  • Images - both sites and units are allocated images, displayed on the public pages to guests
  • Users - logins for guests, partners, all with different permissions
  • Limits - sites can have limits applied which affect how many people can book and when
  • Terms & Policies - your site will have data policies applied and terms and conditions
  • Discounts - special offers or money off
  • Messages - customised messages which go out to guests at times defined by you

We are constantly evolving Bedful, adding useful new features and optimising current ones. As such, we aim to keep the information within this manual as up-to-date as possible so it serves as your go-to resource for all things Bedful-related. If there are any aspects of the booking system which you feel are not covered within the manual but should be, please feel free to contact us and we will endeavour to answer any queries.

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