Connecting Bedful with Supercontrol

The Bedful booking system can now work with Supercontrol in setting up an API Integration. We are currently in discussions with Supercontrol about extending their api to allow the bedful system to be notified when a booking comes in to Supercontrol. If you'd like to see this happen, please let them know. At the moment supercontrol requires an ical integration to read bookings from their system, and you can use an api integration to send bookings to supercontrol from bedful. Once the api integration is set up please email to enable the API feed.

Importing bookings from Supercontrol

To import your Supercontrol bookings to Bedful, you'll need to use ical.

To do this, log into your Supercontrol dashboard, go to Integrations > Admin tools > iCal feed > Individual Properties and find the ical feed for each unit. Copy this across to an ical integration on the Bedful side - one url per unit. This will allow Bedful to import bookings from Supercontrol.

Exporting bookings to Supercontrol

To send your Bedful bookings to  Supercontrol, we have created an API. This allows us to instantaneously send bookings the moment you receive one via Cool Camping or our other channels. In order to activate the API, go to Setup>Share>API then select Supercontrol API from the Integration Type dropdown menu. You will need to add both your Supercontrol Property References and your Supercontrol Client ID. Once that is set up, use the 'Edit' button on the integration you have just set up to find the grey 'Units' tab, in which you can paste your iCal codes from Supercontrol into the relevant unit. Don't forget to hit 'Save Changes' once you have pasted all the codes.

Once the api integration is set up please email to enable the API feed.