You can create additional Extras for your guests to purchase once they have selected their accommodation. This may include goods such as hampers, firewood, bedding, or BBQs or any experiences such as spa treatments or bushcraft courses. Any additional upgrade costs not automatically included in the standard rate should also be added here, such as surcharges for extra vehicles or dogs.

Adding Extras

To add an extra navigate to the extras screen and choose 'Add Extra'. You should try to collect the information you need first - a name of course, but also a description and some images. If you add an image to your extra it will be displayed in the booking flow and is more likely to be chosen by guests.

  • How would you like to charge for this extra? – Click on the arrow dropdown and select if you wish to charge Per Item, Per Night, Per Stay, or Per Person.
  • What would you like to call this extra? – This is visible to the customer so please ensure you are clear on what the extra is.
  • Number – This denotes the order in which your extras will appear to the customer (1 is first, 2 is second, etc).
  • What is the price per...? – Enter the price in line with the type of pricing (e.g. per night) you have denoted.
  • Is this extra optional or compulsory? – Most extras will be optional, however in some instances you may want to create a compulsory extra that is already pre-selected for customers (e.g. a firestarter kit). Compulsory extras can often confuse customers and occasionally inhibit bookings, so we generally advise incorporating the cost of a compulsory extra into your standard rates instead if viable.
  • What is the max amount of the extra allowed per unit? – Set the maximum number of extras you want to make available for booking per unit.
  • Do you have limited stock of this extra? – If you have a finite number of this extra available at any given time, you can set a stock count so that the system will recognise once no more are available. This will prevent overselling.
  • Please add a more detailed description of this extra here – Please include any relevant information here.

Once you have created your Extra, you can then assign an image and the Units and Seasons you wish to make it available on.