The availability tab shows all of the current month and all the live units in the business.  Semi-triangles are arrival and departure dates, squares are stay- overs.  C stands for confirmed,  P for Provisional and U for Unavailable.  Clicking on any of these leads to the relevant booking or unavailable block where changes can be made.

To add a booking from this screen first click the arrival date,  and then the departure date.  To the top right click Add Booking.  This will then follow the booking flow,  taking details about the party,  units,  extras and finally payment.  It is possible to defer payment at the end of the booking flow if needed.

To add a customer booking,  click custom booking.  Please note this will override any checks that Bedful usually completes for availability,  rates,  limits on bookings and any other controls.  The booking's price is not set by rates and seasons,  or the party size and will need to be added during the booking.


Bookings on identical units bookings can be optimised.  This means Bedful can automate moving bookings between units to make the maximum use of the available space in the calendar.  To use this put all the identical units into a group (Setup > Units > Groups),  and set the units to 'Same Units' from the dropdown,  and then set the second dropdown to one of the two optimise options.

Using 'All availability except dashboard' means the bookings you create in Bedful will always stay in place and only bookings made via the widgets will be shifted.

Please note this works when guests are making bookings but will need to be done manually when editing bookings to extend them.


Global availability is shown at the bottom of the calendar.  To make all the units unavailable for a period click the date you'd like this to start,  and then the last.  Click the Set Unavailable button.  This will affect all the business units on these dates.

To mark only some units unavailable click the first date and then the last on one unit.  Click Set Unavailable.  Additional units can be added to the unavailable block by clicking the U and making changes to the units tab that appears on the left.  Units can be removed in the same way,  and the block's duration can be extended or reduced in the same way.

To remove blocks click U and then Make Available on the next screen.