Text Guidelines

There are three key areas where you can add text on Bedful:

  • Site Text:¬†Your information and description on the site page, including booking and cancellation policies.
  • Unit Text: Each unit also has a summary and description, specific to the unit.
  • Custom emails:¬†Email text to send to guests, with information about their stay.

Any text related to our brand channels, or used in communication with brand channel guests should be considered as affected by the below guidelines.

Working with our brand channels

Whether it's our Bedful booking system or our reputable brand channels, like Hipcamp, our chief aim is to help promote your business, bring you more bookings and make it easier for you to manage your guest experience. Every booking we provide is a measure of this hard work, and the commission we receive allows us to reinvest and continue to do what we do.

In return, we ask that our partners do not knowingly attempt to divert guests from our brand channels in an attempt to undermine the commission system. Attempts to do so are seen as a breach of trust built with our partners. Below is guidance on text that will be removed from public facing pages on our brand channels. This is not exhaustive and we will remove or challenge any language which actively prompts guests to leave our channels or to not complete a bookings with us.

Text you are not permitted to feature includes...

  • Your personal contact details on any site or unit text.
  • The phone number of your business.
  • The email address of your business.
  • Web links, URLs or plain text web addresses for your business.
  • Social media links, usernames, tags or partner specific pages.
  • Any text or content critical of any Hipcamp business or brand.
  • References to commission or the finances involved in the agreement between a partner and Hipcamp.
  • Images that might knowingly dissuade guests from using our brand channels for any reason.
  • Any references to preferential treatment, policies or terms for guests booking directly with your business.

Please note that in any circumstance we believe there is any guidance or inducement to remove Hipcamp from a guest's booking we will remove the text. If any text needs to be checked with us first, please always email it to and we will be more than happy to look at it with you.