Rebooking Links

Where a customer is no longer able to make a stay due to circumstances beyond their control you may wish to offer them the chance to change their dates. Under the Coronavirus Booking Guarantee, if the cancellation was due to Coronavirus Restrictions, you may be obliged to do this. Bedful offers a rebooking link feature which makes this a painless process for you and your guests.

Rebooking link features

A rebooking link allows your guest to rebook for other available dates in the same unit/units by generating a link which you can send to the guest.

  • All other booking information remains the same – customers can only change the dates
  • You can choose to charge extra if the customer chooses more expensive dates or allow the change at no charge.
  • For single unit bookings not in a Unique group, customers will be offered availability from the same unit or other units in the same group
  • For multi-unit bookings, customers will be offered rebooking if all the specific units in the original booking are available
  • After the link expires the customer will no longer be able to change their booking details.

Using Rebooking Links

To let the customer choose their own dates you can use the Rebooking links feature, under Booking > Admin, and generate a link as follows:

  1.  Choose when the link expires (1 week, 1 month etc)
  2.  Choose whether to charge the guest if new dates cost more than original dates
  3.  Generate a link and send it to your guest