Updating for a new year

Before your current season comes to an end, it is very important to have your booking system set up for the following year. Many customers book their breaks months in advance so we highly recommend doing this at your earliest opportunity, rather than waiting for your current year to expire.

Updating your booking system for the new year is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Select the Seasons screen under Setup > Units > Seasons
  • Hit the green 'ADD NEW YEAR' button to add your new opening dates and rates for the new year
  • Read the text carefully so that you know what adding a new year will do.

When you add a new year, we add the following to your system:

  • Your latest year seasons are copied and the dates have 1 year added to them
  • Your latest year rates are copied and attached to these new seasons
  • Your latest year extras are copied and attached to these new seasons
  • Note you may need to edit dates of any special holiday periods to suit this new calendar year
  • All other links will remain the same (for example if you have units attached to only certain rates, those linkages will be preserved).

Once you have added the new year, you can then customise your new year prices, dates and extras as you wish, without affecting the previous year. Your old rates and seasons are automatically archived, so there's no need to delete anything.