Additional Users Plus

For Bedful Plus and Beful Pro users, you can add users to allow other people to log in and manage different aspects of your property. Every user has one of 4 roles (Read only, front desk, manager, and owner), each of which has a different level of access and set of abilities.

Read Only

  • Can see the daily diary
  • Can see the bookings list
  • Can't see any financial information, including booking prices
  • Can't manage the setup of your property

Front desk

  • Can do everything that read only users can do
  • Can see the price of individual bookings
  • Can view the availability grid
  • Can create and update bookings


  • Create do everything that front desk users can do
  • Can cancel bookings
  • Can issue refunds
  • Can set dates unavailable
  • Can't see any sensitive business data - booking graphs, charts, revenue data etc.
  • Can't manage site setup


  • Have full access to site setup and booking management
  • Can see all business data, revenue charts, VAT reports etc.

Agency Partners Pro

  • Agency partners can manage multiple sites at once
  • They have full access to all their sites as Partners do
  • They see a detailed revenue breakdown across multiple sites

Managing users

You can manage the users on your property by going to the 'Users' tab, under Setup. from this page, you can assign a role for each user on your property, add new users, and add existing users from your other properties.

Adding a new user

To add a new user to your property, click the 'Add User' button, and fill in the details. You should choose a default password for the user, and provide them with it. For security, we encourage users to change their password when they login, by using the reset password feature. All new users have the Front Desk role by default, but you may adjust each users role from the 'Users' setup tab.

Adding an existing user

If you have multiple properties on Bedful, you may want to share users between those properties. To add an existing user, select the user from the list at the bottom of the 'Users' setup tab, and click 'Save Changes'. Users have the same role across all of the properties they are assigned to.