Balance Payments PLUS

If you don't collect 100% of the funds up-front for a booking, you may want to set up pending payments so guests are prompted to pay at a date you set before the booking date.

Setting up Balance Payments

To set up balance payments on your site, navigate to Setup > Site > Payment, and choose a setting under Balance Payments - here you can set the number of days before the holiday start when the balance payment falls due. We'll start emailing the customer 3 days before that date, and ask them to complete the payment by clicking a payment link.

If you are signed up to the Coronavirus Booking Guarantee you may see a message telling you that balance payment days have automatically been set to 30 days.

Using Balance Payments

Now that you have balance payments set up, you can sit back, relax, and wait for your customers to pay before their arrival date - the vast majority will pay balances without any intervention from you. You can check if customers have paid on your daily diary or your bookings list, and if any payments fail, we'll email the customer to chase them up, and if they don't pay the balance due for some reason, you'll get an email and can decide how to resolve the situation on a case by case basis, perhaps by chasing them cancellation if necessary. See below for the details.

Collection of balance payments

Customers will receive an email letting them know their balance payment is due 5 days before the payment falls due. If they are still overdue with the payment 4 days after it is due, we will start cc'ing the partner in order to manually chase up. The vast majority of balance payments are collected via the pay links in emails before the balance due date, but some customers may not see the email or may ignore it, in which case you should try chasing up by email ore telephone, and if you receive no response, you can at your discretion simply cancel the booking and free up the availability for others to book, or keep the reservation.