Refundable Booking Upgrade

The Refundable Booking Upgrade is an innovative new product offered to guests who booked through Cool Camping, Cool Places, Glampingly or ILoveThisCampsite, with Bedful also coming soon.

Offering customers the option to upgrade to a Refundable Booking is costless to hosts and provides a new revenue stream for your business.

When guests opt in for a Refundable Booking Upgrade and subsequently cannot attend their booking for one of the many reasons in our Terms & Conditions, we will provide a 100% refund directly to the customer, leaving you as the host with the original revenue made as if the booking had gone ahead.

Offering Refundable Bookings will reduce both costs and admin associated with your refund process.


Guests booking through our brand channels (and direct bookings via Bedful in the near future) are offered the opportunity to purchase a Refundable Booking Upgrade, for an extra fee. This is the only opportunity to purchase a Refundable Booking Upgrade – it cannot be added to the booking later.

The guest pays for this at the time of booking and once the guest has completed the checkout process, it becomes visible for the partner within the booking's details screen. To see the cost of the upgrade, scroll to the bottom of the page where it's included with a breakdown of the booking costs.

For brand channels such as Cool Camping, partners receive more of the guest's payment than usual for these upgraded bookings. This bonus benefit is in the form of a lower commission charge – the commission charge deducted for the booking is around 1% lower than usual whenever a Refundable Booking Upgrade is purchased by a guest.

For direct bookings via Bedful, partners will receive a 'commission' on these Refundable Booking upgrades, to the value of 3.5% of the original booking amount, less the additional Stripe fees charged for the upgrade fee.

Guests benefit from additional peace of mind and having any refund requests dealt with promptly by a dedicated customer service team.


Guests with a Refundable Booking Upgrade who wish to receive a refund should first be directed to their Booking Confirmation email, where they will find contact details and instructions how to do this.

If the cancellation is not approved, then the standard terms and conditions for that booking apply.

The upgrade fee should not be refunded by partners under any circumstances.

Opting Out

Partners will be able to disable the Refundable Booking Upgrades option from their Bedful channel bookings when the feature goes live in February. Instructions detailing how to do this from the Bedful dashboard will be communicated to hosts ahead of launch.

Further Details

If you have any questions please contact the Happiness Team: