Connecting Bedful with Xero Plus

Xero integration is available to Bedful Pro users only. You can connect your site with Xero in order to see invoices in Xero automatically populated with the line items and customer details from each booking you receive. The integration works via API so is instantaneous, with each booking sent straight to Xero as an invoice referencing the booking details.


This guide contains the following information:
  • What does the integration do?
  • Getting Started
  • FAQ

What does this integration do?

This integration creates an invoice on Xero for every booking coming in to the bedful system (including dashboard, web, coolcamping bookings). The data flow is one-way from Bedful to Xero, and we'll only ever create invoices for you.

every Bedful Booking creates a Xero Invoice

every Bedful Unit maps to a Xero Item within the invoice

every Bedful Extra maps to a Xero Item within the invoice

Getting Started

To connect with Xero follow the following steps.

1 Create inventory items on Xero

If you want itemised invoices to appear in Xero for each booking, you should create inventory items on Xero for every booking item you wish to track. You can then link up the units and extras on your bedful site with the items in Xero. So first create items for each unit and extra you sell on your Xero system, and then proceed to connect with Xero using the instructions below. You may already have these items set up, in which case you can proceed to step 2.

2 Create the API integration

First visit the site Setup API tab in order to create an integration. Click Add Integration, and choose the integration type of 'Xero'. Name it Xero integration. Leave it set to draft till you get it set up.

3 Connect with Xero

Now that you have created an integration, edit the integration, choose the Connect tab, and click Connect with Xero. You will then be taken to the Xero website, where you should log in and authorise the connection. Once you are connected, you'll be taken back to the integration connect screen.

4 Connect your units and extras

You should then click on the units tab, and choose the item you want each unit to be assigned to in invoices. You can do the same with extras on the extras tab. You should connect every unit and extra to an item on Xero, and choose which account and tax rate applies to this item on Xero, so that your invoices show the correct details. All prices on bedful are inclusive of taxes.

5 Making the integration live

Finally, once you're happy the integration is properly connected, you should edit the integration one last time and set it to live, so that when you receive bookings or create new bookings via the dashboard, they will be sent straight to Xero as an invoice referencing the booking details. Bookings which are not yet paid will be set to draft status in Xero. Once the integration is live you should avoid editing it - if you do edit it you will need to reconnect all the units and extras.


How do I disconnect from Xero?

Choose the Connect tab, and click Disconnect from Xero.

When and how does data sync occur?

Any booking made on the dashboard or a channel is synced automatically once the booking occurs.  There are no settings related to synchronizing.