Partner Terms of Use

Bedful is an online bookings and management system owned and operated by Tripadee Ltd (also referred to herewith as 'We').  By signing up to Bedful, you agree to comply with the following Terms of Use.

Availability & Rates

You agree to offer fully up-to-date availability at all times on the Bedful Booking System.

You agree to honour all bookings made on the Bedful booking system, subsequent to you offering availability.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you keep the booking system updated. If you change the rates, unit specifications, seasonal dates, booking policy, or any other terms and conditions on your own website and fail to do do so on your Bedful Booking System, you must honour any bookings made under the conditions given at the point of booking.

It is your responsibility to check that your availability and pricing is correct as viewed by guests on the Bedful System. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for bookings made as a result of incorrect setup.


Should a guest cancel a confirmed booking, it is your responsibility to issue any refunds where due via your Stripe dashboard in line with the terms stated in your Booking Policy.


By signing up to Stripe, you agree to their individual terms and conditions. Please note, Stripe should be used primarily for internet payments but can also occasionally be used for taking credit card/debit card payments over the phone or over the counter. Payment details including credit card number, expiry date and security code should only ever be entered directly into the Stripe interface as guests read out the information: under no circumstances should you write down or store any credit card information. Failure to abide by this condition means you will be in breach of credit card compliance and you may be prevented from taking credit card payments in the future.

If you are additionally listing your availability on Tripadee Ltd sales channels (including Cool Camping, Glampingly, and,uk) you agree to Tripadee Ltd deducting a commission for all bookings made via the Tripadee sales channels at your agreed rate of commission. Our current standard commission rate is 12.5% -15% +VAT (depending on the level of availability you allocate to the system) which is calculated on the full price of the holiday being booked, including extras. You will also be charged Stripe payment processing fees at the rate agreed with Stripe.

Guest Privacy

Bedful is fully GDPR-compliant as outlined in our privacy policy, while providing you with the guest information you need to run your business. For more details on GDPR see our GDPR help page.

Use of Images

When you upload images to Bedful, you must confirm that you own the rights to use these images and are happy for Bedful to use them on web channels, marketing materials or other publicity channels as part of our service. This may include Bedful reproducing, editing and distribute these images under our other brand names, include Cool Camping, Cool Places, Glampingly and other online channels, and may also include their publication via other media outlets such as newspapers, broadcasters and paid advertisements. If the images include people you should ensure you have model release forms for the people concerned granting permission to use their image in this way. Please do not upload images if you are unsure of your rights to use them.