Issuing refunds

You may occasionally need to issue refunds for cancelled bookings. In general, the following guidelines apply:

Refundable Booking Upgrade

Customers may be given a choice to purchase a Refundable Booking Upgrade on their booking (Only relevant to bookings made in 2021/2022, via Cool Camping, Cool Places, Glampingly and, and not available to customers who purchased via Bedful). A purple 'Refundable Booking' badge will appear at the top of the booking summary page on Bedful when this has been selected by the customer. For more on refundable bookings, see our Refundable Booking Upgrade Guide.

Cancellation Policy

Before going live on the Bedful booking system, it is essential that you comprehensively outline your cancellation & refund policy under the Terms tab. Find out more about compiling a cancellation policy. These conditions are displayed clearly to the customer throughout the final stages of the booking confirmation process. It is impossible for the customer to proceed with a booking without ticking the relevant boxes to acknowledge that they have understood and accepted the conditions.

Issuing a refund

Please note, any commission paid to our channels such as Cool Camping, Cool Places & Glampingly is not refundable to our accommodation partners. See our Commission Guide for more information.

If the customer is entitled to a refund in line with your terms, you can do this using the following steps:

  • Find the booking you wish to refund in your bookings list and click on it.
  • Select the Edit Booking button.
  • On the next page, select the grey Payments tab.
  • Click the Refund button next to the payment you wish to refund.
  • From here, you can issue either a full or partial refund. Full refunds should be issued if it is you who has cancelled the booking and the customer is unable to reschedule. If the customer cancels the booking, be sure to issue a partial refund with the commission fee subtracted.
  • Once the refund has been issued, remember to change the status of the booking to 'Cancelled'. This is essential so that the cancelled booking is free to re-book.