Adding New Units

To add a new unit click the Add Unit button at the top of the units screen. If you wish to copy settings from one unit to all similar ones in its group, see Recloning Units below.

Cloning a unit

If you have lots of very similar or identical units, there is an easy way to replicate these on the booking system by using the Clone Unit function. Multiple units that all accommodate the same number of people and have largely the same specifications should be assigned to a group and cloned so that the customer is only presented with the requisite number of units for their search, rather than being presented with several identical units.

Before cloning, firstly create your one 'parent' unit, complete with all the relevant rates, seasons and extras assigned, the unit summary and description completed, and the images ordered as you wish. See our Units guide for more details.

You should also update the unit number field on the unit details page. So if you make this unit number 1, the cloned units will be 2, 3, 4, etc. If, once you have cloned your units, you find that they are numbered in the wrong order, you can use the 'Sort Units' button on the Units menu to reconfigure into the correct order.

Finally, make sure this unit is assigned to the relevant Group. You can learn more about creating groups here.

Once you are satisfied that this parent unit is complete, follow these steps:

  • Go to Setup
  • Select the Units tab
  • Click Edit on the unit that you want to clone
  • Select the grey Admin tab
  • Hit the Clone Unit button
  • Enter number of duplicates you want to make, so if you want a total of 25 units you should enter 24
  • Save changes

Re-cloning a units to the group

If you need to add or amend some details to more than one unit such as unit description, images, tags, rates & seasons etc. You can simply do this by updating the one unit and applying the amendments to the rest of the units within that group. You can learn more about creating groups here. Before re-cloning your units please first update your one unit with the new information that you want transferring to the other units in that group. Please ensure you click on 'Save changes'

Once you are satisfied with the unit and happy to proceed, please follow these steps:

  • Please click on 'Setup'
  • Select the 'Units' tab
  • Click on 'Edit' inline with the unit you have updated and want to copy over.
  • Select the grey 'Admin' tab
  • Hit the 'Re-clone Unit' button
  • Please ensure you have read the warning at the top of page 'Warning - Destructive Operation - Recloning is a destructive operation which will replace all the fields ticked below with values from this single unit'
  • Please then tick which fields you would like to copy over to the other units in the group, if left un-ticked the old information will be transferred over.
  • When your happy you have selected the relevant boxes please then click on 'Re-clone Units'
  • The units should be all updated with the new information copied over from the first unit.