Double Bookings

Bookings made via any of the Bedful Brand channels (such as Cool Camping or Cool Places), must be honoured. In the event of 'double-bookings' due to incorrect/un-updated availability being shown on the Bedful booking system, you agree to honour the Bedful booking and instead cancel the booking made via another channel.

If there are mitigating circumstances, you must contact us before you contact the customer to cancel a Bedful Brand Channel booking. You may be permitted to refund the customer and cancel a booking only in special circumstances, once we have approved the cancelation and spoken to the customer.

Read more about cancelling bookings in our Cancellation Guide.

Use iCal to Share Availability

Our iCal feed function allows you to sync your Bedful availability calendar with other external calendars that use iCal, such as Airbnb, Anytime and Supercontrol. To do this, simply edit the Units you want to integrate (Setup>Units>Edit), select the grey Admin tab, then copy and paste the iCal subscription code into the relevant area on your external calendar. Then simply send us the reciprocal iCal urls from your other booking system for us to upload.  Please note, the update time for iCal feeds will vary from system to system so please take this into account.

Read more about sharing availability in our iCal Syncing guide.

Read more about cancelling bookings in our Cancellation Guide.